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Hello all,
This is my first time on this forum, a wealth of information here.
I’m creating a serial shield for the UNO that enables hands free uploading of sketches by eliminating the need to remove (Rx) and (Tx) jumpers that are connected to other devices. I’ve developed another product over the last year and a half and found disconnecting and reconnecting of wires is both hard on the breadboard circuit and frustrating when making fast updates to code.
Wondering if any of you have seen another product that accomplishes the above mentioned?
Thoughts or concerns?

Here is a link to a 2 min vid of the fully functional Serial Wing prototype in action. The serial connections are isolated during the reset and bootloader process and re-connected when complete indicated by the led. It is controlled by a PIC mcu. The first one I made used a modified bootloader but it's much better as a plug and play device. Just insert it and go.

Video: SerialWING

Here is a working link, sorry.

Video: serialWING

Very good idea and solution. Congratulation ! Keep it up !
I didn't see any similar product here.

Is it working for Arduino Mega as well ?

Yes. I’ve tried it with the mega and it works no problem. Although if there was demand for the mega I would alter the layout so it doesn’t impede the other pins. I’m waiting for the arrival my Serial Wing plus boards which are designed specifically for developing with Nextion screens. Allows for easy one press of the button and you can upload code from the Nextion ide to the screen through a built in FTDI. It also has a dedicated 4 pin connection for the screen which powers the Nextion off the second USB. I’ll post pics and video once it’s here and assembled.

This uno serial shield is a good idea. I am a strong advocate of using hardware serial instead of software serial when possible.

I don't see any need for the Mega as it has the multiple hardware serial ports.

Is there anyway to make the shield work as an interface to a 3.3v serial device. Many people are trying to use an esp8266 as a wifi adaptor connected to a uno and a connection through hardware serial would be useful.

Thanks and great feedback. Very easy to incorporate for another version. Guess I have some homework. :slight_smile:

Here is the new version dubbed the Serial Wing Plus. Prototypes are currently out for fab. This incorporates a separate USB B micro connector that is connected to an FTDI 230xs and provides another power rail for connected peripherals. As per the suggestion from Cattledog it has jumpers to select voltage for the ftdi and the power rail, 5v from the USB or 3.3v through a built in regulator. Also built in is level shifters for the Tx and Rx which are determined with the power rail selection.
This version allows for not only hands free uploading to the Arduino, with a push of the button allows for direct connection to the FTDI for uploading to the peripheral.

Example: When I'm developing for the Nextion screens I will push the button to disconnect the screen. Then I can debug and develop with the Nextion Ide. When I'm ready to test I just click to upload the new software and it's sent directly to the screen. Then push the button to connect the serial lines and it's running off the Arduino. Very efficient and hassle free. When the screen is connected to the FTDI I also will use Realterm or Teraterm for dubugging.

With peripherals like the ESP8266 you can connect the power and serials, click the button to disconnect and upload the new software to it. Press again and run off the Arduino.
There is a separate auxiliary connection that is designed around the Nextion screen that is horizontal at one end. The serial pins are tied to the regular header pins so it's a choice to use either. Also an addition is the ICSP headers on both top and bottom to allow pass through. There is a separate board for the analog side of the Arduino which is just a bottom male header to a top header with a 2.54mm offset. With the Serial Wing connected to the Arduino first you can stack other shields on top and take advantage of it's features.
When the prototypes are back I will post pics and video link.

Took a while to get this prototype together. Many of the parts came from a supplier in Texas. Hope everyone in that area is getting through those terrible events.
I've linked a video that shows the functions of the SerialWing+ while plugged into an Arduino Uno and communicating back and forth to an ESP8266 through the mosfet level shifters.
I will post a link to another video in the next couple of days showing the how the SerialWing+ makes development so much easier when using Nextion screens. This of course was my inspiration for making these.

SerialWing+ with ESP8266

Here is a 2min video of the SerialWing+ connected to an Uno and a 7" Nextion. Uno programming on the fly and easy uploading and debugging of the Nextion screen. All without disconnecting any wires.

SerialWing+ and Nextion

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