Update ESP8266 NodeMcu Over Wifi

Hi! I have two ESP8266 boards (with a temperature sensor connected to each one), one is in my house and the other in my parents' house, so each one is connected to a different wifi.

Is there any way to update the code of the two boards at the same time over wifi?


Over the air update normally requires to be connected to the same router = same WiFi-network.


uses an async webserver and provides a website based standard choose file-dialog this might work in conjunction with a dynDNS-service.

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you could either do a http upload and start the process manually on both targets or you put your hex file on a webserver and let the targets periodically check if there is a new file available and let them start their update on their own if there's something newer than they are actually running with.

interesting approach
do you have a link that explains how this is done?
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you can start with that link:


@noiasca @StefanL38 Hi! I can't get into my account, so I had to create a new one.
I have tried both methods (ElegantOTA and the other link) and they work very well! But I forgot to tell you a detail, in the code each of the two plates there is a unique ID variable.

Is it possible to update all the code except that number?

Thank you very much for your help

basically no: the hex must be stable.

Alternative: if you need separate .hex files because the sketches are NOT identically, you could give each target it's own download folder on your webserver. So two .hex files for two targets.

yes with some tweaks:
Alternative 2:
if you can put the individual "ID" in the EEPROM emulation of each target and just read this ID from the EEPROM during startup - you could use the differing ID from EEPROM in the same sketch on both targets.
Advantage: setup the ID once (write it to the eeprom emulation once) and have just one single source for both targets.

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