Updated Arduino IDE needed for ARM linux dev boards

Packages exist for ARM linux in the repos for the linux OSes, but updated versions (The ones provided by the OS are 1.05) are only for x32/x64 bit computers. Please provide packages for ARM linux (32 bit is most important, but 64 will probably become available soon.)

Good point. Are you thinking about raspberry pi type of ARM GNU/Linux systems? Why using them to edit and compile code if you have a regular PC?

Yes, actually, I was thinking about Pi-style computers. I admit the Raspberry Pi is pretty slow, but the Pi 2 is quite a bit faster, and there are some seriously powerful new ARM boards that have eight processor cores at 2.0 GHz (see: Odroid xu4). They can make some nice efficient desktops, or they can make very versatile, unbrickable tablets...

ARM is certainly picking up steam (Microsoft is porting its OS to ARM, Chromebooks run on ARM processors, and can be jailbroken to run standard linuxes...) and it has been mostly ignored by, ironically, a lot of experimenter-type software products or IDEs, so I was hoping that I could bring that to your attention.

I have used my RPI 2 with arduino 1.01, which is the latest ARM compiled version. I remember seeing some moderate improvement in compile speed (first compile). The old RPI 1 was pretty slow. I even attempted to do this with RPI 2:

See, trying to train noobs on arduino in a workshop is no easy job. Many of them don’t know how to install software or hardware on their own computers. Some come with school computers and no admin password. You end up wasting 30 minutes on software install and loan out your backup computer for the most unfortunate one (school computer). What if I set up RPI 2 with arduino and have a trainee log on to RPI 2? It has to be browser based since they could come in with all sorts of devices. I tried that but was not able to get a simple and cost-effective solution. My end result: get a <$200 atom-based netbook with win 10. Bingo! The only drawback is you have to maintain a bunch of PCs, not just cloning SD cards for RPI case.

I think ARM has hit its ceiling in consumer electronics. Stock market seems to say so too. Atom is taking off with full windows 10 and low cost tablets and netbooks plus good battery life. I have one ASUS X205TA. It lasts several days with light use. Runs arduino IDE fast enough (4-core 1.33GHz and 2GB ram 32GB SSD) and I even have my EAGLE CAD on it, for viewing my various designs. I would have a hard time finding ARM version software even if I had a faster ARM chip. Just my 2 cents.

Perhaps the Raspberry Pi was not my greatest example. :slight_smile:

I will, however, say that I have a Odroid xu3 computer, and it is actually faster than my laptop. Octacore 2GHz processors do that. Sadly, the Ubuntu OS it runs has only IDE version 1.0.5 dfsg+ or something. I would love to be able to run the newest version of the IDE on all the devices I use with the Arduino, and I notice you already have the linux x86 and x64 out. That probably makes it a bit easier.

Please add ARM support.

That's my reasoning.

Alternatively, let me know what is needed to make the Arduino tar.gz compiled download or an ARM linux .deb package or similar.