Uploading attachments issue

Hi, I'm new to the Arduino forum community and I wanted to upload a pdf document of my block diagram to illustrate a problem that
I'm having but I keep getting the message 'New users cannot upload attachments'...
How can I upload it? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, you can't until you are no longer considered a "new user"...

Any idea on how long that takes?

To be honest, I don't know what the rules are

Why attach? And why PDF?

Although I'm not sure if new users can, usually you would drag and drop a screenshot or image file into the reply text box.

I'm currently using my phone that's why I'm attaching and it's in pdf because it has pictures and a diagram,but I'm open to suggestions. I've tried a screenshot as well but it gave the same message. Is there any workaround on how I could get the diagram on the forum? time isn't on my side as I'm on a deadline

You can learn what is required to gain the necessary "trust level" to be allowed to attach files here:

It really doesn't take much to move to the next level.

You want to upload a presentation that helpers too often use numerous of replies urging members to do. Somehow new members manage to present things. Strange. Something for the moderators to look into, and give advice I think.
Don't give up!

That was quite informative, thanks.

I'll try finding a way to ask the question, thanks.

Thanks for trying.

The old platform used by Forum didn't have this obstacle. I've seen the comment from other new members.
Maybe Google knows? Arduino forum + new member? I'm joking.

After following the 'Understanding Discourse Trust Levels' guidelines I've been upgraded a level up and managed to post my question and upload the attachment

We do have a lot of problems with new users posting code and error messages as image attachments. I wonder if the forum software doesn't impose the restriction on images?

As for intentionally abusive behavior (e.g., spam), I haven't seen attachments to be a common trait.

Congratulations, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks,glad to be here.

"PDF"s are not a really suitable format to put in a posting here to illustrate your project as they are not directly rendered in the Web page and tablets/ phones may not be able to render them at all. Of course you may link to them as datasheets and the like, but not to illustrate your project.

Post photos as images, but anything that comprises text, such as your code or serial monitor output, should be posted as text or in the case of code and extensive listings, using the "code" mark-up so it can be conveniently scrolled.

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