USB gamepad to PS2

Hello, I recently purchased a Leonardo r3, and am hoping to get some guidance to convert a game controller signal.
My goals are basically this: Read input from a USB gamepad, convert the buttons and analog sticks to the signal that a PlayStation 2 can read.
I found this guide here that details how to have the signals be read correctly by a PS2. I was thinking of just connecting the 9 wires to general purpose pins with a breadboard and jumper wires. I don’t care if it has rumble support or not. I’d appreciate any insight into this, or suggestions. This is my first arduino experience, so any tutorials too would help. Thank you.


Bump yourself!

Your best bet is to use the search box on the upper right of this page and use appropriate search words to find previous discussions. Generally speaking, you probably should abandon any ideas of using the USB functions in your controller.