USB Host to MIDI

Hello everyone,

I am pretty much stuck at this point. I am trying to build a USB host to midi converter to send midi signals from a foot control through my arduino uno and USB host shield and into a Zoom MS-60b to change patches. I have seen several people accomplish this but i seem to have lost something in translation. I started this project because the ready made USB hosts cost more than what i paid for the pedal and midi controller. I have a picture of what i have so far but i am a programming and electronics rookie but like to tinker. I hope i am close but want to seek out some help so i didn't create a fancy paper weight.

Here is a picture of what I have so far.

You need to explain exactly what the trouble is you’re encountering. Just saying “I am pretty much stuck” isn’t helpful.

If you are getting an error message then post the full text of the error using code tags (</> button on the toolbar).

Please post your full sketch. If possible you should always post code directly in the forum thread as text using code tags (</> button on the toolbar). This will make it easy for anyone to look at it, which will increase the likelihood of you getting help. If the sketch is longer than the forum will allow then it’s ok to add it as an attachment.

When your code requires a library that’s not included with the Arduino IDE please always post a link(using the chain link icon on the toolbar to make it clickable) to where you downloaded that library from or if you installed it using Library Manger(Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries) then say so and state the full name of the library.

This is the link i was trying to follow in order to built the usb host. I was initially getting an error but after some more reading/learning I learned how to upload a .zip library after it was uploaded. Now, when i upload the coding it will say complete but when i plug everything in, nothing happens. The main questions going through my head are:

  • Is it wired correctly to use a disaster area dmc midi foot switch to change patches on a zoom ms-60b multi effects pedal.

  • Am i using the right code according to the directions in the link above.

In the link they have a single midi and a dual. I believe i only need 1 because there is only 1 midi plug on the midi controller. I just don't know if I have the right one connected.

I can post a picture of everything if that helps.

The only thing i can think of at the moment is that the link says it has to be a midi class compliant device and my pedal is a USB class compliant.

I am very new to programming, arduino and electronic building.

I hope this information clears it up.

Hi! You need to make another resistor between TX and 5 pin 220 om also. In total there will be 2 resistors.
Glad your post, I also want to do the same in this weekend)))

PS: I think that the problem has been solved. Photo attached. I’m ready to help you.

I have uploaded the sketch to the arduino (still nothing), do you have to do anything with the usb host shield or is it essentially plug and play? I put the 2nd resistor on (still nothing).

Your setup looks much easier, maybe i should scratch and start over.

This link is exactly what I am working toward

I am trying to build something similar to the GHOST converter (cheaper than $150 US). I have the cheaper midi controller without the LCD screen.

I have a simple host identical to yours. But I connected jumpers SJ2, SJ7 and SJ3, SJ8. I read about this on the Russian site … Sorry, I do not know where to read about this in English. I do not make a black ground wire, but it does not matter. I have two resistors, but they are under red insulation. Our schemes are identical, I repeat.
Do this and tomorrow I will help with the program. Now I have a night)))) Sorry for my English.

I think i am ready now for a step by step guide on how to get the code to work for my usb host shield. I tested the midi contoller and my arduino is reading the messages. I tested the pedal and it is working. I just need the right code.

On the first picture MIDI USB HOST DIY tutorial By Spider ver. 1.0 shows the direction from the USB to MIDI (). It works for me. And I connected to the second contact on Arduino TX. But you need the opposite direction. But on your picture you are connected to the second pin TX? If so, then this is not true. Let's connect to the first pin RD. It's strange that your Arduino reads the signals.

I went ahead and build both midi in and midi out just to work through the testing process. I should have mentioned that the arduino is receiving information through the RX. I tested it using a midi test sketch which worked. I also performed a test to see if the pedal was receiving information from the usb host and it was. I am sure i just need to figure out which libraries or sketches to use as well as which version of arduino IDE to use.

Hello all,

I am trying to build a usb host to midi using an arduino Uno board and a usb host shield. I have ran tests and believe i have built everything correct but i cannot seem to find the right program, library, or sketch to change things. I am trying to use a disaster area midi controller to send a midi signal to a 5 pin midi receiver, then to the host, then to a zoom ms60b to change patches. It seems simple and i have tried many things but can’t figure out what the hang up is. I have run tests and it seems that everything is wired correctly. So i was hoping someone can help a complete programming newbie finish this project.

I used biderectional_converter & Arduino 1.6.5. IDE for USB to MIDI. The code did not change. Probably, I can not help you(((. But I need MIDI to USB soon too.

How is this different from your other thread? If you're still talking about the same project then stick with the original thread, otherwise you will waste a bunch of our time going back over the same ground. If you need to revive that thread you should give an update of what you've tried since the last time you posted to it, which will bump the thread.

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here is my most recent picture

The picture quality is too bad…(((((( It takes several pictures of different parts and larger ones.

bassewoody, how are you doing? I have an interest, but there is no knowledge ((

dim3740: bassewoody, how are you doing? I have an interest, but there is no knowledge ((

Hi! Any update about this? I'm trying to connect a Novation Launchkey controller ( full usb class complient) to a Korg Kronos. So I started this project. But like @bassewoody it doesnt work yet. I need the midi out (tx pin) to connect to the Kronos midi in. Compiling and uploading ok but no sound from the kronos when I play the novation.

Have you make this worked? Thanks in advance?

Hello! I can successfully work with devices that are defined by a computer with only one USB interface (Figure 1). He sees the USB host Arduino immediately. But some devices have 2 interfaces (Figure 2). And I can not work with the second one. I do not know how to change it in Arduino’s code. Ask if there are questions.




I'm completely new to the forum and arduino for that matter but I am also trying to find a device to send midi program changes from 5 pin din on Boss ES8 midi controller to an old Yamaha magic stomp pedal which only has usb type 'B' connector. I won't be able to contribute any knowledge, unfortunately, but I just wanted to voice my support and interest for the project.