USB not recognized. New board.

Received my first ever Arduino Uno board today (eBay from china). Installed the Arduino IDE on three different computers and two different cords. When I plugged the USB cord in, it never made a sound like other devices. I did not see anything new in the device manager.

The green LED lights and the yellow LED by an L on the board blinks fast.

I’m guessing I got a bad board. Any suggestions.

Attached are pics.

Did you install the CH340/341 drivers that are NOT part of the IDE ?

Most Chinese clones need those but google it and you will probably be up and running in no time.

My issue is that I don't even see an "other" in my device manager to load the drive to.

What OS ?

Windows 10, windows 8.1 and windows XP. Tried on three laptop computers.

That's not encouraging. It's surprising that you don't even get an error...

Have you used a USB cable that is known working for data, not just power?

The fast blink on the LED on pin 13 is normal - that's the triple-flash of optiboot letting you know the bootloader is running. With no sketch loaded, it just does the triple flash over and over.

BTW - that's not a CH340G based clone, that's a faithful clone, with the 16u2 as serial adapter.

It's really weird that you get nothing at all...

I used a second cable off my printer so I'm pretty confident that one of the two is working.