USB Repeater


I had to connect my arduino far from my computer: about 10-15 meters.

Some electronics stores say that usb 5 meters cable can repeat signal (without external 9v)

Do I need those types of cable or can I buy two simples A female/male cable adaptator of 5 meters each one ?

Thank you

Why don't you try with XBees? I'm not a fan of cables (and probably my brain not a fan of radio waves but anyway).

5m is maximum specified cable length for USB. You can use USB hubs as repeaters, maximum number of hubs to daisy-chain is 3 or 4, see USB spec for exact number. Anyway, you will need only 2 hubs to get 15m.

Cause it's more expensive ($20) that cable and I am not fan of radiowave for children.

So, I would like to buy cable to enable me to plug my arduino that will be outside my home.

And AWG24 wire cable too.

I f you know a shopping website that offers both those cables, I am interested.

Thank you

no more idea even on e shop best price ot import from france.

You probably won't find an active cable for less than the cost of a HUB.

An active cable cost $9.

A Hub cost more no ?

I have seen a man on the forum that talk about RJ45 convert extension:

so choices are: 1- USB activ extends cable (but it cost more often than usb hub ) 2- USB Hub (about 15- 20$) 3- your solution :

Just tested with a USB > RJ45 > USB extender, 25 meters worked just fine.

Can you confirm that it is working with RJ45 at 20 meters and give me a link to a e-shop best price you usually buy ?

Thank you for all :)

What about the Ethernet shield?...

Ethernet shield cost more than $20 and does it enable to upload sketch into arduino ?

I believed it enabled to communicate some information between PC arduino no ?

Do you have a prefered e shop that ship to FRANCE ? Thank you

I don't think that there is a cheaper option. Yes, with the Ethernet library you can have two ways communications, but I suggest you to investigate Ethernet projects before you go any further if that's suitable for you.

I think that place ships everywhere. Otherwise Google "Buy Arduino Ethernet Shield".

Actually I have a based solution with temperature sensors, ultrasonic and relay command in a box with my arduino.

My goal is to put this box outside my home.

So I need the more efficient and low cost way to continue uploading and evolve programm from within my home.

Do you think Usb Hub should less work than ethernet or not ? Problem that I see is that Usb Hub provide 4 slot and each one has consumption of current. If you confirm me that I wil not have pb, I buy it (15$ in france) and that'is

What do you think about activ usb cable (selft powered) ?

For such cases there is dealextreme:

Will take a couple of weeks to arrive though.

Personally, I think is a bad idea to extend an USB cable outside of your house. If something happens like humidity your computer is at risk. Also, a RJ45 cable is less disruptive than 2 USB hubs.

Yes, your website seems cool but I don't need 100 meters extender of four usb ports.

I need only 15 meters max... It seems that constructors see large. Many ports and high distance.

Ideally I need 2 ports and 15 meters.... I am searching for that.

Do you confirm that putting hub with many ports (> 2) will not disturb addressing to Arduino Board

I am open to the RJ45 solution if it's low cost.

Maybe can I do PC-->USB/RJ45 adaptator--->RJ45 wire---->RJ45/Usb B adaptator.

If it is more expensive, I will programm only on weather fine days avoiding humidity and hig level current problems.

No ?

You have to put an RJ45 cable between the two units as shown in the picture. which can be any length between 5 and 100 meters.

Or I can buy this

A simple powered usb hub. I put 2 usb cable of 5 meters and then I have my distance to upload my sketch no ?

You could buy a powered usb hub. I would buy that localy, maybe they even let you try it if it works. If not they let you return it.

I am in France so it has to work !

Nobody on this forum has already have this problem and test the same solution ?

I will recieve it in 14 days just before christmas, so I must be sure that it will work cause my arduino has to light up some exterior lights.