USBasp programmer cannot be found regardless of which driver I use

Hi everyone. I have recently purchased the HCDVBD0031 USBasp programmer from hobby components. Since purchasing it, I have used Zadig to install the libusb-win32 USB driver:

and the correct signature for the programmer can be seen in my device manager:

despite this, whenever I try to use the programmer I get this error message:

I get this message regardless of which driver I use.... does anyone know why my IDE cannot find the USB device?

Do you have to select a com port to use this programmer?

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Change the driver to WinUSB in Zadig

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Hi both, no option for selecting the USBasp comes up as a com port and I have tried with the WinUSB in Zadig as well but no luck...


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Hi everyone,

thanks for the responses, not sure why but it is now working using the WinUSB when it didn't work with it before! I managed to burn my bootloader and I can now upload sketches using the USBasp

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I'm glad to see the issue was already resolved, but I'll leave a comment for anyone who comes later since this common question was mentioned in passing: the USBasp does not produce a serial port, so it is normal and expected that you won't find an entry for it in the Arduino IDE's Tools > Port menu.

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