use arduino and sony erriscon T610 to call phone

hello all, anybody had sucessfully use the arduino to connect to soy erriscon T610? i buy a t610 data cable, i can use it on PC successfully. Now i want to use it with arduino ,so i cut the cable,i found it is four lines, one connect the mobile pin 4 for TX ,One to pin5 for RX ,one to pin10 for GND ,one to pin3 . Someone told me only want the three lines ,so the pin3 is not useful. The next is i put Mobile pin4 -- arduino pin0, mobile pin5 to arduino pin1,mobile pin 10 to arduino GND. After all done ,i used the PC Terminal to send AT command, i cannot even type one character! i write some code to arduino , i only get the out information AT*EVD="82220356" ,the mobile is still nothing to happen. :-[ ,anybody can help me ? thanks.

void setup() { // begin the serial communication Serial.begin(4800); printString("AT*EVD=\"82220356\""); }

void loop() { byte val;

// check if data has been sent from the computer if (Serial.available()) { // read the most recent byte (which will be from 0 to 255) val =; // set the brightness of the LED Serial.print(val); } }

I have made a post here before about connecting sony ericsson phones with the arduino. I will find it for you.

Also the command to dial is "ATD". So to dial "777345" you would use "ATD777345"

Firstly upload a blank sketch to your arduino.

void setup() 


void loop() 


Connect pin 10 to arduino ground.

Connect pin 4 to pin 0 of arduino. Connect pin 5 to pin 1 of arduino.

Open hyperterminal.

Set hyperterminal to the port your arduino is connected to. (com3 for me)

Settings are: Bits per second: 9600 Data Bits:8 Parity: None Stop bits: 1 Flow Control: None

Now once you are connected, try sending "AT" The phone should respond "OK"

If it dosent, try switching pins 4 and 5 around.

If it does work. ATD is the dial command. Ie. ATD777 to dial the number 777.

Now if you want to send commands to the phone from the arduino you must switch pins 4 and 5.

You can use the command serial.println to send commands.

thanks for your help, orac, i will try it .

hello,Orac,I just tried it as you said ,but i even cannot type "AT" in hyperTermial. it connected ,but cannot type anything character on the memo. maybe the problem is the arduino, not the mobile phone connectivity??

Did you try swapping RX and TX around? (pins 4 and 5)

yes, i have swaped. Now when i send "AT" on another PC com interface communication software, after 7 seconds , it back "ERROR".

I have just had a quick look, and it seems that this particular phone uses a different AT command set. So normal commands will not work.

Since you received a response from the phone it is correctly hooked up.

Have you tryed ATD? Also try ATI5

It report ERROR,even when only send “AT” command!!

Now i have succeded in sending call in hyperlink after i attached "0D" on every AT Command. but now i meet another problem when i transmit command from arduino. it run and response ok but not call . maybe you can help me again.

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.print("AT*EVD=\"81620356\"\r"); }

void loop() { }

What if you use



Also, you must switch around rx / tx to send commands from arduino instead of pc.

it's still very disappointed that i canot make it run. i think the code is right .Maybe the arduino not transmit the code to mobile. Even when i disconnect the mobile from the arduino, from the COM motitor software i can get the return code. when i transmit the same code on pc to arduono ,then arduono can transmit it to mobile;but when arduino directly transmit the code to mobile ,it not run. it's very surprising.

Anybody help me ?

I have solved the problem,thanks for your help,orac. After the success pc connection, i forgot to swap the pin4 and pin5. I have made so big fool. :slight_smile:

I need some help! I would like to know how could I dial phone number which is saved on the first place of my sim card. The GSM is SE T610.I've tried ATD > SIM but it doesn't work.