use Arduino to send "keyboard"commands "to the computer

Hi Experts, In my Veterinary Clinic I have 7 people using the Veterinary software program. It's important that everyone does the input under his own name. Everyone has his own name and password. Security is not an issue. In the program it takes too many keystrokes that changing the user is not always done. Is it possible to put an Arduino between the keyboard and the computer and let the Arduino send the keystrokes (like ctrl-alt-M) to the computer, to change the user, by pressing a button attached to the Arduino? So everyone has his own button on a small "Arduino-box" near the keyboard. As I said, security is not an issue. So the password thing isn't necessary for us, only for the program. We can't overrule the logging-in-procedure in the program. (I found "GoBetwino" but that's not ready for Vista and Windows-& and Mac). Thank you for helping! With a pad of the pets!

The Esplora lib is advertised as having this capacity, tho the only example is for mouse movement.

As I understand, for this capacity, the arduino needs 'CDC' or 'HID' capability, which I think is a hardware thing. ie - the esploras particular uC (Mega328 IIRC) has this capability in its UBS interface. /edit: The Leonardo is advertised as also having this capacity - the Esplora is based on the Leonardo design /edit

I am convinced the Esplora could do this, but the lib may need some additional improvements to make it as simple as the mouse example. Or perhaps it just needs documenting or otherwise having the example code put together... ??

Now thats for directly hooking into windows key/mouse routines - using Microsoft HID drivers that load when plugging in the Esplora (in win7 anyway) . But I could easily imagine a workaround using something like Autohotkey (something that can easily hook into the OS key/mouse routines) via serial port commands that can then cause key strokes (via autohotkey or what ever) to be sent and interpreted by your OS.

Autohotkey, AutoIt, WSH, Processing(?), freebasic, - there are many possibilities.

It is the Leonardo you want to use. This is easily done on this board. The Esplora has a lot of peripherals that you do not need and so should not pay for.