using a force sensor to activate sound

Hi, I am completely new to arduino and everything about it and i am very frustrated at this point.

I ordered a Flexiforce Pressure Sensor - 100lbs. x1, and hope to activate different sounds via different pressures on the sensors. I found this video which looks like what I would like to get done, but no instructions. Any help is very much apprechiated.

Thanks, Aileen

Hi aklebba, show your code first :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, well that is the problem, I need everything. I dont have the code yet nor do I know how to set it up. I have as much kowledge as coding and setting up a flashing light but thats it. ANY feddback wil be great and sorry for being so clueless......

As first try read the sensor data. Use analog pins on your Arduino.

Any advice on the setup? and th ecode to just read the data? Seriously, I am way at the beginning of learning this stuff. Thanks

When you start your Arduino IDE, there's lots of examples, also AnalogInput can be found.

Now, show some spirit here, and try one! :)

Cheers, Kari

Thanks Kari.....:)

I am very intimitated by all of this...but your right, I should look into that. Thanks.

And also go here, you can find wiring examples, they will make you smile!

Cheers, Kari