Using a Key Fob/Remote to Power on & off PC


I had an idea a while ago to implement a key fob into my PC setup to use to start and power down my PC using the buttons on the remote. However, I want to make sure that I am going the right way about this. Essentially, my concept is to leave the built-in power button but add a pass-through of some-sorts to add the ability to use a car remote to power on and off the PC as I feel like it. There are products that do this through PCI-E and with other proprietary hardware/kits. but I was more looking towards using my own hardware and key fob to use. I hope this makes sense so far.

What I've found is a few parts of hardware that look like they should work for this purpose, but I was told that Arduino would work better for this project. Can anyone help me out on how I should go about this?

Here is a link to the parts I think will work well standalone:

Lets see what your PC does when you unplug it from the power right now. What happens when you plug the power back in? Is this what you want to happen with your project?

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When it is powered off and unplugged/plugged back in, it does not book back up. However, when unplugging when on, it does power back up. That would be the goal, but that would damage the OS and PC.

I was suggested to purchase a receiver and remote along with an Arduino Nano and resistors. Would something like this work for this concept?

A likely possibility. That is why people spend money for a UPS and the expensive ones can talk to the PC and tell it to shut down. But there is no auto startup.
Good luck.

Just connect a remote controlled switch in parallel to the original power button (the one on the case front panel, NOT the PSU switch).
Setup your OS to shutdown when you press the power button.

A remote receiver with a relay will be most practical.

Yes , these remotes are available very cheaply on eBay , most with relay outputs

Last year, I used two of the receivers with built in 1 amp relays for a bird trap for a friend. Each came with a two button fob. I programmed one receiver for the A button and the second for the B button, using only 1 fob.
You have a choice in programming the receivers for 1. on only while the button is pushed or 2, push on, push off, or 3, push A button for on and B button for off.
The receivers run fine on 6 volts and up to 12 volts.

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