Using a power button rated at less than the load

Hello, I have a setup controlling some motors and lights that draws about 1A at 9V. I already have a case and a small ON/OFF power button (2 position tact micro-switch) that I want to use. I have a really tight budget and I don't want to spend more money on a new switch and possibly a new case (bigger button probably won't fit).

How can I use the power button that is rated at 0.1A at 30V with my setup?

You mean after it fuses up when you try to pass 10x its rated current thru it?
How about using it to control a power switching transistor?
Use a pullup resistor from its gate to 9V to turn it off.
Use a NPN transistor controlled by the switch or by arduino output to pull the gate low and turn on/hold on the P-channel MOSFET.
If no Arduino, then 2 buttons and 2 NAND gates setup as flip-flop to make the gate go high & low, CD4011.


Thank you for the quick reply! I am a hobbyist and I never dealt with this situation before. I will go with your first suggestion. Use the micro-switch to control a power switching transistor and use that to switch the load on and off.