Using Arduino to make a laser shotgun.

I need some help, I own a company that uses IR lasers integrated into realistic firearms to interact with a projected image. I’m having a hell of a time with my pump action shotguns for my hunting simulator.

My desire is to have the trigger push a button and for it to light my IR laser for 500 mil. then turn off. That way it doesn’t keep firing at the screen if they don’t depress the trigger. Then I wish for the customer to have to pump the shotgun that activates another button in order for it to fire again.

I have ZERO knowledge in coding, simply reduced to knowing it is possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if one could also assist in a diagram as to how to wire such a device would be even better. The shotgun is powered by two AA batteries in series (+ to -).

One of the exciting things about using an Arduino is that you can do everything that you want to yourself. However, if you want coding and design done for you, post in "Gigs and Collaborations" and bring your wallet.