Using Avago ADNS9800

i am new to making boards , and i am trying to use the Avago ADNS 9800 distance laser sensor , as a guidance i began with a published example " Arduino Tutorial: Get Traveled Distance using ADNS-9800 Laser Mouse Sensor by Gigi Butbaia " found at

but there is a vague note i couldn't figure what he means with ?

NOTE: You have to activate +5V mode first , To activate +5V mode you have to cut the three traces on the 3.3V side between the exposed sets of pads, and add three solder bridges to the 5V side of the board (Be careful don't damage board).When you will activate +5V mode and then connect it correctly it will work fine,

does this mean i have to cut the unused legs , and solder the others to the circuit as shown in sketch only , or what and why is that ?

also the names of pins in the datasheet differs from used what is used in the project as : "SS" pin & "MO " "MI" pins what are they in the data sheet are they "NCS" , "MISO" & "MOSI " respectively ? or else what ?

sorry it's my first project i do with out an external help , and one of my first projects ever

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The Instructable is talking about this particular breakout board:

Look at the attached image from that website. I think the Instructable means remove any solder bridges between each pair of pads marked 3.3V and make solder bridges between each pair of 5V pads.

That website also has a table of pin connections and SPI names.



solder jumpers.jpg

that is a helpful advice "Ray" really appreciate it dude :)