Using magnetic sensor to turn on lights

Hey there
Im completely new to arduino and it's functions and am in process of considering ordering one if I could know how to build the below prop, would love your feedback.

I saw a prop for an escape game that uses a magnet to turn on lights on a wooden board. The wooden board has 24 depressed circles (8 x 4) underneath which sit the magnetic sensors and on the top rim of the circles, there are lights installed.

When the magnet is brought near the depressed area, a light turns on.

When the correct pattern of lights is activated, a door can be opened.

The prop is called patternboard4lock from escaperoomsupplier


"The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field."

They are also cheap and reliable.

8x4 = 32

Reed switch

Wire the switches in a matrix to use fewer input pins. See keyboard or keypad matrix.