using old vending machine touch pad to control LEDs

I am converting an old vending machine into a sitting box and wanted to light it up with leds. It has a 21 button touch key pad (for selecting what snacks you want)…3 columns and 7 rows. the controller has 12 pin connection coming from the top. Attached to that was a 12 pin with the wires connecting to a 8 pin and 4 pin connection.

i am a total newbie, but what would i need to do to program a device so when the buttons are fixed to change to a fixed LED color.

would this be feasible?

this is the controller i wanted to use.

OP image.

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Ohm out the keyboard matrix.
Use a keypad library to read the keypad.

Since we know not what a "fixed LED" is, can't comment on how to control it.

thanks for the suggestion.

a fixed LED color would be one that the user cannot change and is assigned to a button or button combination.

for example. pushing button 1 would turn the LED blue, button 2...RED...button 3 Yellow...and so on.

So it is a RGB LED connected to 3 output pins? Is it common anode or cathode?