Using SoftwareSerial Library With Arduino 1.5.2 IDE and Arduino Due

Hello and thank you very much!

I am very desperate because I worked really hard on a code and come to find out that Arduino 1.5.2 IDE does not come with its own Software Serial Library.

I copied and pasted the SoftwareSerial folder from the arduino 1.0.3 IDE library folder to the libraries folder of my code, but I still get the error:

\Documents\School\Grade x\Computer Engineering\Arduino Codes\libraries\SoftwareSerial\SoftwareSerial.cpp:41: fatal error: avr/interrupt.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

I need help please!

SoftwareSerial is not working with the SAM Processor.. so you can only use the Hardware Serial, Serial1, Serial2, Serial3 with a Due board.

I have also the problem that i miss the SoftwareSerial lib... I need 8 Serial Ports and was make my prototype with a MEGA .. everything works fine.

Now for the "real" product i want to use the faster Due .. but i found out that a lot of things are (still) not working with the Due =(