Using stepper motor as a generator as a generator and an rpm sensor

Hello community,

I am interested in generating electricity using stepper motors for my design project. Furthermore, I also need to control the speed and distance traveled of the car I am designing. Therefore, can someone please tell me how I can read the signal from the stepper motor (using Arduino) and determine the rpm of the shaft to which it is connected to?

I have also attached the specifications file of the motor I am planning to use.


NMB-PM25L-024-NBJ3-datasheet.pdf (70.8 KB)

Using the stepper as a tachometer was recently addressed in this thread

I hope you are not expecting it to generate much electricity.

If you are simply using the stepper so you can count the steps and thus know how far your car (what sort of car?) has travelled I suspect you will need some external circuitry to convert whatever the stepper produces into a signal that the Arduino can detect.

Have you considered using a rotary encoder?

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