Using xda and xlc on mpu6050

Hi, I would like to know how to connect another i2c on the xda and xlc pins of the mpu6050. I am trying to use a barometer bmp280, but I dont know how to pull data from it when I connect it to xda and slc of the mpu6050.

Use the normal I2C bus for the BMP280.

Those pins on the MPU-6050 are for a magnetometer that the 'dmp' firmware can use for calculations.

I'm sure that you don't want to program the 'dmp' yourself to include calculations with the BMP280, because the MPU-6050 is old, outdated, noise and your MPU-6050 might be a fake chip :scream:

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It is possible to connect those pins to the normal I2C bus with a command to the MPU-6050, then you can find it with the I2C scanner. However, you should connect the BMP280 to the I2C bus of the Arduino board.

Please keep your posts, to keep the questions and answers flow intact. Others might be tempted to use the XDA and XCL as well.

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