Varying Speed of Actuonix P16-P Actuator

Hi guys,

I am a newbie to both Arduino and motion control, and I am currently attempting to use an Actuonix P16-P actuator with its LAC (linear actuator control board) in conjunction with an Arduino Uno for a dip-coating project I’m working on.

Using the actuator, I am trying to move a paint reservoir vertically. I am trying to get the actuator to move as quick as possible moving upward, and as slow as possible moving downward.

I am able to use a servo-sweep program to move the actuator to the desired positions. However, I’m trying to figure out a way to control the speed of the actuator using the Arduino, so that the actuator will move more quickly/slowly on the way up/down respectively.

I attached the datasheets for the actuator and its LAC. I wired the set-up as shown on the bottom of this page: How To Use A Linear Actuator Control Board With Arduino | Actuonix

I am not sure where to start with controlling the speed of the actuator, other than by manually changing the configuration settings using the LAC software.

Is there a way to program the Arduino to vary the amount of voltage supplied to the actuator? Or would I have to use some sort of external component like a potentiometer?

I’m guessing I have a few options for ways I could vary the speed on up/down movement, but I’m just not sure where to start.

I would greatly appreciate any input on potential ways to go about this.

Thank you so much!

Actuonix+P16+Datasheet.pdf (461 KB)

Attached is the LAC File

Actuonix+LAC+Datasheet.pdf (1.76 MB)