Vending Machine Multi Drop Bus (MDB) Language and arduino....

Hello All,

Programming arduino's is definitely not my forte per say. However let me run a feasibility question past you....

Scenario: My wife and I own vending machines as a side business. We have one location in particular that is very profitable which has a snack machine and a soda machine. Well as of now they are currently both cash only. Which I'm sure my profit could double some months if I could add card readers....which require MDB compatible machines. The snack machine is an MDB compatible machine and can support a card reader no problem. I've checked. The soda machine on the other hand, while it has the correct MDB components in it currently, apparently it doesn't speak in the same language as whats required to interface with an MDB card reader. Every one I talk to says there is no way to add a card reader to this machine. While both machines are very nice, paired well together, and work flawlessly. I see no need to spend a few thousand to replace the soda machine.

That said, my question. Do you think arduino could somehow translate the native language from the soda machine into industry standard MDB and vice versa in order to install a card reader?

I have found where someone on instructibles has used an arduino and a PC to communicate to an MDB vending machine. Just looking for some guidance on my first steps. I suppose it would be to somehow decipher the machines native language.

Thanks for any info!! PS the vending machine is a Selectivend CB500 (aka Wittern 3189) with a MCB12 control board.

This will definitly work, but the question is, if it is cheaper than changing the mainboard.

It sounds possible, if you can figure out the commands of the two sides a translation between the two is probably quite easy. Unless there's encryption in the mix.

But you have to keep the consequences of failure in mind, particularly where the machine takes the customer's money but fails to dispense the product. Especially if said customer happens to be wearing safety shoes as you can kick really hard with those... Also is such a mod allowed as per your credit card merchant account contract?