Veroboard Layout Software

Hi, Does anyone know of any good free/shareware software (for PC) that allows you to play the layout of a circuit to be built on veroboard? Cheers, Alec

Hi ... If you need an arduino simulation environment : However, there are limitations ...

Here is something that is "free" (abandonware, I guess), called Stripboard Magic:

Here is another:

You might have better luck, though, if you are willing to pay for it - here are a couple of options:

The second one, from what I have seen, seems to be very complete, but I have never used it.

Hope this helps!


I tried the lot.

marlwifi: din't like it

verodes: this what I started using, the interface is a bit awkward, but it's better then using paper.

veecad, you need kicad tinycad for this I think which didn't have the parts I needed

lochmaster: realy nice program but I'm not willing to pay eu 40 forty for it.

I have used TinyCAD for drawing circuit diagrams and have been happy with it. I imagine that if you set the grid to 0.1" and set "snap to grid" on, you could do a passable job of dragging traces/wires around to snap to veroboard holes.

It's open source and free. Pre-built binary for Windows, source code for others.