VEX robotics and other parts for sale

I recently purchased some VEX robotics parts for kids robotics competition and now need to sell them.
These parts are hardly used, almost like new (except some where I have specified).

Let me know if you would be interested to buy these:

VEX Parts

(1 no.) 3000 mAh Battery (Tenergy Brand) with charger
(6 no.) 2-Wire Motor 393 with Motor Controller 29 (2 of the controller cable ends have been cut at the female pin side, you can solder or attach new pins there.)
(4 no.) 84 Tooth gears
(8 no.) Rack gear boxes
(4 no.) 2 Wire 24" extension cables
(1 no.) Advanced gear set (without the worm gears and worm wheels)
(12 no.) 12 Tooth Pinion gears
(2 no.) Worm Gear Boxes
(10 or 14 no.) bearing flats
(4 no.) 4" high strength bearing shafts
(4 no.) 2.75" Wheels
(4 no.) 1x25 Aluminum Bars
(16 to 20 no.) Shaft Collars (some are perfect some snap and takes skill to tighten them but most of them are in good condition, can throw them in for free)

Other Parts

(1) 4.5"x12" servocity pattern plate
(2) 3" servocity channels

I can give this all away for $300