Vibe board vibrates but would like to control via bluetooth


I have a lillypad connected to another circular board that has a bluetooth BEE module on from there, I have a vibe board, it vibrates which is good but when I connect via a bluetooth app for IOS I would lik eto be able to control this.

I can connect to bluetooth fine, it's just starting and stopping the vibe board and even controlling the power going to it

Any help here would be much appreciated, I am very new to all this... I just took this form a friend who set up the basics for me


You'll need to post more details, right now no one know what 'vibe board', 'circular board with bluetooth BEE module' or bluetooth app you are using.
Please also post a schematic showing how it is all connected, and your code if you've written any.


Maybe you could have used the time you waited impatiently for anyone to answer to read this (which you should have done before posting in the first place - it's not just because made into a sticky and in boldface) and improve on your posting to the extent that we can make sense of what your problem is, and maybe give some suggestions.

Had you done this last August already you may have received responses to that post, too.