Vibration motor powered from Arduino

This might be a dumb question but here goes.

I want to have haptic feedback on my wearable computer, but I don't want to put an L293D on the PCB because I'm running out of space.

Are there any vibration motors that could be powered straight from the Arduino? It does not have to be big, as long as it moves it's good.

I've yet to see one.

These say they draw 50mA at 3V but Arduino operating voltage obviously is not 3V.

EDIT - I might have to use a MOSFET or something.

...and 50mA is well above the safe capacity of an I/O pin

You can drive one (single direction, no brake) with a single transistor.

A bridge (though NOT L293) is preferable.

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Could I do this?
EDIT - Obviously wouldn't be using a MOSFET that big.
EDIT - I found a schematic (actually a Fritzing but whatever) for powering a motor from Arduino 5V with a transistor so I'm going to post it and mark this as solved. Also the above diagram is wrong. So I'll remove it.

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