Visual Art piece. Could use Help.

Hi, my name is Earl. I had a post on here I guess before they changed the forums. It seems to be lost now so I guess I will repost. So really I'm asking for some help. A gentleman by the name of Crowley (I think?) was helping me out last time. So here is the update on the work, i have included some pics. And these are my problems:

  1. So the idea is a simple wall piece that is a 4'x4' plywood board with the words "these castle walls" drilled out. I will be mounting LED lights in the holes so essentially the words will be spelled out in LED's. I will have a soft pot which triggers based on touch mounted to the top of a cinder block which will be on the floor of the gallery next to the wall piece. I want the LED"s to get brighter and dim as the viewer touches or pets the soft pot.


The board itself with all holes drilled!!? this project has taken me forever and im not even close to finishing yet which is driving me nuts! I started it... then got married, bought a house, and had a child... pheww.. oh and started a new career all in about a year and a half!

Looks pretty nice.

  1. So I have a little over 2500 LED's:

  1. I got two power supplies which were recommended to me by the gentleman who hooked me up with the plan last time(thanks by the way!):

back of box:

  1. So I'm not quite sure how this all goes together. I know I have the power supplies, I have an arduino which will hopefully hold the info for the dimming and brightness connected to the soft pot. When I was discussing during the last thread i know it was mentioned to string 6 LED's together and then to the power? Im not sure if i need resistors or how powerful they need to be?

Basically I'm not real good at this stuff yet and im trying to walk the crazy path of figuring it all out... Any help and any pointing of direction would be very much appreciated. Thanks everyone!


Awesome! I uncovered the long lost thread... So im in the middle of rereading it but to be honest I feel like I may need a little more hand holding to get me through this... anyway maybe it will help.. maybe not... but again thanks!