Visual Micro - Now supports Visual Studio 2008

Arduino for Visual Studio 2010 has been extended to support Visual Studio 2008. The same functionality and configuration exists between the two versions. The 2010 addin runs .NET4 and the 2008 addin runs .NET3.5, both are installed using a single msi and both share the same configuration settings.

The 2008 installation (msi) has yet to be tested on machines that do not have .NET4 installed. The only known issue in 2008 is that the button and menu icons are missing. Please logon to the visual micro forum and let us know if things are working or not.

Read more about this Visual Studio addin on the visual micro site or visit the forum. Students please use the forum for discussion and not the issue tracker

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Any support for Express planned?

Pito, So far as I understand the Express version of Visual Studio does not allow for third party add-ins. So this solution will not be available for Express.

That's right there is no addin support in express but our friend over at the "Arduino To Visual Studio Converter" site has expressed an interest in using the API behind the addin to extend his windows/vs shell integration project.

With the API we will be able to ensure that any visual studio project is configured fully for arduino and also provide windows file explorer (or task bar icon/app) features that allow compile, board selection, upload, ISP etc.

The solution might not be quite as smooth as the addin but I think it will work well for express, in fact, it should be of benefit to all ms windows arduino users

I am happy to see that the two of you are talking. It could result in another very useful tool. I think there are many Express users that will be very happy to get an integrated (Arduino and Visual Studio Express) solution. It is a mission to edit in one place and compile in another.

Arduino Rocks man!!

"Arduino To Visual Studio Converter" - I've installed that - basically it offers an external editor with Express. Compilation/upload is done in arduino IDE. "Open the VC++ Project file and… voilà !" does not work with me, I had to click Solution instead.. Maybe an update of the user guide needed..p.

Pito, Don't confuse the "Arduino for Visual Studio" (Visual Micro) with the "Arduino to VC++ converter". They are two different products. I have tested both of them and they work fine. As you suggested, maybe look at the new manual. By the way, they two creators of the various products mentioned are talking and there might be a integrated solution for Express shortly. Keep watching the forum for that.

Marius, I am using the "converter" with VC++ Express 2010, of course. They refer, however, in the "installation" the VS 2008 as they say in the 4th install point ... "... (See step 2)" ... which is related to VS 2008. So you have to improvise a little bit :) I will be watching the forum, indeed.


Edit: and the install guide states the prerequisite: "...Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express" - therefore my remark on the install guide alignment/update.. Otherwise a nice gadget, indeed..

Pito, I really hope for the 2008 users sake that it happens very soon. I have been searching for a long time, to find the balance so to say, when it comes to the IDE and code framework. I maintain that the Arduino Code Framework is the absolute best there is for beginners and experienced coders alike. But one you start writing many line of code in many files, things get a bit hairy. This new plugin has brought the best of two worlds together especially for us Windows users.

I am really chuffed with it.

It appears that everyone can get a free copy of Visual Studio 2010 Professional for 3 Years