Visual Studio Code - i want to get it to work with the ESP8266

Dear Community,

the Visual Studio Code - i want to get it to work with the ESP8266

which extensions do i need to add?

The whole design of Visual Studio Code is so that it should be easily be configured for any development language using these extensions. Do i need to install the Arduino IDE?

if i am able to go roound the Arduino IDE - i would be happy.

Like most of the IDE's I have tried, they rely on the Arduino IDE for all the libraries. - but if i am able to work with VS-Stidio-Code and ESP 8266 directly i would be happy.

how to set it up and to make sure that i have fully configured Visual Studio Code to work with all the necessary add-on for ESP8266

which extensions i should add and install?

note: i am on Windows 7

hello and good day

_ after having tried some thing - the biest just started to work .

serial allready opened ... and i guess that i have managed to connect to the board and to work on it.

btw: i have in the device folder

but no main folder (guess that this will be loaded with my first script)

see the attached image to see that all is woriking now at least regarding this tutorial


have a great day.


btw. where to download the newest v ersion of uPCraft - i have running version 1.0
and besides that: i have mused and thougtht that it wold be a good idea to get other IDEs working with the ESP such as


but do i need to install the ArduinoIDE too !?
love to hear from you