Voice Recognition Programming Question

Hello, I recently bought a Voice Recognition Module. This one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Voice-Recognition-Module-Arduino-Compatible-/280793964171 What I would like to ask is how to put new voice commands in the module using an Arduino Uno, instead of a USB TTL module. Thanks in advance.

A quick look at the manual linked from the eBay page and it seems the serial connection is only needed to send commands to the device and display instructions for programming the sounds not for downloading sounds. You could use hardware serial built into the UNO if your not connecting to a PC with the USB or Software serial if you are. You will need to display the messages the device is sending you (or parse them to light prompting LEDs) and buttons to trigger the sending of commands to the device.

Hi Guys

I bought the same item from ebay and im trying something a little different and hope it works so would love your feedback.

from the start: i have a arduino pro mini 5v which runs 2 servos and some leds with a infrared receiver which works perfectly when you push the buttons. What im trying to do is connect the voice recognition module v2 to the pro mini so it works on voice command and not wireless keyfob like it is now. Is this at all possible and where would i start.

Thanks in advance