VS Code Always AutoSaving when Uploading, Compiling, or running IntelliSense

Recently I began to use VS Code with the Arduino Extension. One major inconvenience I always run into is I don't know how to turn off autosave when compiling, uploading, or running Intellisense. A lot of times when I am testing code, I go to previous code that I have written and add a few minor changes for a small experimental upload. However, every time I upload that new code to only "test" it, it saves all the changes to a file I don't want it to touch. Not only that, but it also saves ALL the files in the workspace regardless of if it needs them when just uploading one project/sketch. I understand that many people probably like this feature and need it but not in my situation. Is it even possible to prevent it from writing to those files? I have considered blocking certain files from VS via windows explorer but that is very time-consuming and I was wondering if there is an easier way. I was also wondering if this was part of VS or the Arduino Extension. I don't know if I am searching for the wrong questions or a solution does not exist but I could not find an answer

By the way, I am running VS code v.1.63.2 (user setup) in Win10

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