Wall-mount case for DHT11?

Hi all,

Last night I found an awesome deal on some DHT11 sensors on Amazon, so I picked up a dozen of them. Ultimately, I'm planning to build a home monitoring/automation system, where I can track different metrics about our house, and build scripts that act based on different thresholds (or sensor activations in some cases.)

For these sensors, I'm planning on installing a DHT11 in each room in our house, so that I can do some detailed monitoring. But since this is our house, I want it to look good. I was hoping to find some small inexpensive plastic wall-mounted sensor cases that I could use for this purpose.

So far, my Googling hasn't turned up many useful hits though, so I thought I'd see if anyone else has done something similar? The closest thing I've found is the PP42W from Evatron (http://www.evatron.com/index-pag-product-cid-5-sid-33-pid-1476-l-2.html ) but the price for delivery to the US ($85 to ship 12 of them) makes that pretty much a no-go :/

Has anyone seen something similar, or better, or know where I could look?

Thanks much!

Something like the Evatron EN30W would be perfect if I could get cheap shipping... http://www.evatron.com/index-pag-product-cid-5-sid-31-pid-574-l-2.html

Have you looked on ebay? I searched for "small plastic enclosures", and found several that seemed like potentials (you might have to drill your own holes), but I don't know if shipping would be any better...

Try a surface mount phone jack. As an added bonus you get a phone jack. Still need to add your own perforations though.

Cool, a surface-mount phone (or network) jack would probably work :)

I peeked around on eBay, but didn't see anything that would work well in high enough quantities to be able to be uniform throughout the house (without killing me on the shipping anyhow :/) But that's always changing, so I can keep checking back in on it :)

Thanks guys :)