Want: old processors Have: arduino shield

I have an interest in collecting old computer processors, 6502, 8080, 68K, 8086, 286, 386, 486, pentium, Z80, etc. I have a collectin of 200 CPUs and I have no way to collect more as they’re harder to find. I am ordering my new Phi-1 shield in quantity so I will have some for barter:

Here’s the Phi-1 shield info on my blog:

The face value of this shield is $12. I’d like to get some CPU of similar value, collector quality (no messed up pins or else). Anything will help but I’ve been tracking the CPU auctions on ebay since 2008 and has some knowledge of fair price.

What I have (JUST the PCB!!)

What I want:

Im sure I have a similar chip in one of my old 386’s at my mums house, will check when Im next there :slight_smile:

Im in the UK though.

Hmm, have you sent/received anything across the Atlantic in the past? I’m not sure about the cost. Oh by the way, if there is a 386, chances there is also a 387 co-processor. The duo will be more useful than just one. When you take the processors, try to use something softer than a screw driver, like a plastic ruler to work around the chip. Even if we can’t trade, you’ll be able to trade with someone locally if you have the chips in good condition.

Is the 386 the only one you’re currently looking for? I have some 8-bitters from years ago. Mostly common, but a few odd ones.

A “want/got list” might get you more/better responses.

Ran, I want any processors that are old. By 8-bitters do you mean Intels 8008 8080, Z80, 6800, 6502 etc? I’m certainly interested. I have a few Z80, 8088(8/ext 16/int) and 6502 from the 70s although my favorate is always the 386. The clue is under my icon. Would love to get more. I’m also interested in Sun’s processors. Some of them look too shiny with gold heat spread like Pentium Pro. I guess most of their after-martet fate were sealed as gold extracts :frowning: Could you PM what you have for trade? Thanks.


I have a fully funktional PC (at least when i put it away for about 10 years ago) I can’t remember if it is a 286 or 386. I will check it later this weekend and report back to you, then you can see if it is something of interrest. From what i can see the price of shipping it to the States from Denmark is not very high if it is sent as a letter.

Regards Thomas

Got an 68040RC25 on my desk which should go in the dumpster.
Might have pa risc stuff, but don’t know if they have a socket or not. Some might be BGA.

Great Thansen_DK. Please keep me informed what you’ll find. Also if the computer has a math-coprocessor, please take it as well. If I get the duo, I’ll call it a fair barter. If I get just the main processor, I could use some cheap used stamps that you can buy from stamp collectors to add to the trade. Think about $2-3USD worth of cheap old stamps. Good stuffing for long distance. Please PM me.

You may find a couple of removable chips (BIOS) as well. If that doesn’t increas shipping too much, I’d like those as well.

wortelsoft, I will take the 68040RC25. If you don’t have anything you can add to, maybe get some $2-3USD worth cheap old stamps as stuffer. Please PM me.

I used to collect stamps before I went to college for a physics degree. ;D

I will have a look for you next week when I’m in the office again will be on Tuesday or Wednesday.
A month ago I could have get hold of a rare PIII 1,4GHz.
What type of bios chips do you need?

Other than that I have lying around

celeron 266 (PII without cache)
Pentium 75
duron 800

I looked around, I used to have a 386DX25 but I sold it in a lot a few months ago to a collector with some 486s and some early Pentiums

unfortunately the only old cpu’s I have still lingering around are in machines, like my apple IIc and my DEC 386SL/20 laptop (which I would not be totally opposed to getting rid of the laptop)

I do have the bios to a Mac Performa 200 (classic II) if your into that sort of thing

I could get you tubes of 6809P processors if you wanted them. I know I have a few Z-80s kicking around my shop. I have some other weird chips, some without markings that I know are CPUs (or DSPs), that might have been for demo use (they might be slugs, for all I know). At Apache Reclamation, I could probably dig up all sorts of weird old CPUs and such (I’ve bought two different kinds of core memory from them - and an Altair!).


Osgeld, I would keep those machines too. I just don’t have space in my apartment so I opt for just CPUs. I’m not really trying to get a Mac bios though. Thanks.

cr0sh, why don’t you PM me a list of processors that you have for trade? Thanks. I don’t have any 6809 so I’m interested. If you have more stuff, I can send you a couple of my Phi-1 boards.

yea that is why I go for compact units :wink:

I have many tubes of 8748s. They’re pulls from some new equipment that was scrapped many years ago. Because they were pried from their sockets with a screwdriver, many of them have the last couple of legs at one end bent slightly. I erased and reprogrammed about 50 of them for the project I bought them for, and only found one (maybe two) that failed. So they’d be usable if someone wanted to actually build something with them.

I also have several CPUs in ones and twos. I’ll send you that list via PM.

have spare chips here for 486,pentium…but only chips.


Offering barter.

Speaking of which, I just took apart my Gateway computer.

I have a pentium II processor.

Its bulky, not square, and it looks like a N64 Catridge with a large heatsink attached.

Not sure if old enough.

The TI Calculators have those old Z80 processors. TI-83 CPU: Zilog Z80
And I have a lot of broken calculators from all those times I’ve dropped them. :frowning:

Catcher, yeah, PII’s are kind of old (maybe 99). They’re big. I have a box of them. Would not be good item to trade through mail. Thanks though.

jeckson, could you send me a list of what you have? Is shipping from Indonesia to US expensive?

Finaly got the beast out :slight_smile:
It is a 286 AMD so I guess it is not very interesting.
Here is a couple of pictures.

Interesting find. This is an AMD made 286 licensed by intel. It’s probably later than 1984. Can you check to see if there are chips with markings like 8259A or 8237A in sockets? I bet this machine was a bit low end. The coprocessor slot is empty. Not exactly what I was looking for but if I can get the support chips like 8259A and 8237A, I may consider a trade.

any interest in a pair of Pentium pro 200Mhz chips? rooting around looking for an atx backplate I “rediscovered” them in my parts bin