Washer Dryer Notification Project


When my washer and dryer are finished, a melody comes from a piezo buzzer inside the washer and dryer. I can very easily tap into the piezo buzzer from the washer and dryer's main board. I checked the voltage when the buzzer goes off, it's between 1 and 5V.
So now I would like to connect that buzzer to my Arduino and when the buzzer goes off, notify me via text or email that the load is done.

I thought this was as simple as a button circuit on an Arduino. But it's not. How can I have the Arduino sense that there is up to 5V on a pin and then send me the text or email.

If someone could help me on the way with just having it 'turn on LED 13', I would be very grateful.

As you can see, I'm not very knowledgeable programming, but I'm learning.


Though the buzzer may be only showing a low voltage, I would be against connecting anything directly to it as there is always a risk of mains voltage getting through to it.

I would think using a minature microphone and a variable resistor so you can sense the buzzers sound and then get a signal into the Ardunio.

To send an email or text requires a lot more hardware and program code, if you search the forum on Arduino Emails, Texts and SMS you will find lots of similar questions /answers/projects.
A pic below shows whats needed to send out a SMS to your phone, a Uno and SMS shield plus PSU etc; emails need a lot more.

Would have thought an easier reminder would be to set a Timer apps running on you phone when you start the washer/drier.

There is a forum search box in the upper right of this page. Try searching for key words of your project as there have been similar washer/drier projects in the past.

couple of thoughts.
first, my dryer is not timed, but rather runs as long as it senses moisture in clothes. that can be 15 minutes or 120 minutes or any number between.

I would offer that you can install a current sensor on the main power and monitor how long it is running.
there is a strap on sensor you can buy, typically used for shop vacuums. kinda pricey, but would be the cleanest way to get a signal and not touch any high voltage bits'

this is just one make, there are others a about half that cost