water detection through capacitive sensor

Hi everybody,

i'm new to this forum and i couldn't find a presentation section, so i apologize in advance if i'm breaking some rule :) My idea is to sense water using a capacitive touch button, using something like the CAP1188 for interfacing with Arduino: i'm afraid that such a sensor couldn't be sensitive enough to detect little quantities of water (like a drop or two), since it's made to detect the variation of capacitance due to the human body (very higher).

Did someone has experimented in that way? Could please give me some hint?

Thank you guys :)

Hi, welcome to the forum.

A drop or two ? That is almost nothing compared to a human body.

There is an Capacitive touch library to use the Arduino itself : http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/CapacitiveSensor The CAP1188 can adjust the sensitivity and is much better, but I think that a drop or two is not possible to detect.

It is possible to use a capacitive sensor to measure the moisture of soil. That is not a single wire in the ground, but a probe-like circuit board using two 'plates' and the capacitance is measured between the plates. That varies when the soil around it contains more water. http://wemakethings.net/chirp/