water leak detection

Hi, for a addon on my current project i want to detect if there's a water leak in the circuit somewhere. I was thinking on something like this: rain sensor ebay but it needs to be bigger. Is there similar sensor out there that can span 0,5 m² ? Many thanks.

Why? Just channel any potential leak to the spot where the sensor is located.


Yup, I'm with Paul here...

Do you need it to read immediately or can you wait for it to travel to the sensor? Consider Paul's suggestion.

Tape some bare wires to the pipework and use a transistor to detect.
Or, use some window break (burglar alarm) aluminium tape adhesive strips as electrodes
Of course, this assumes plastic pipes and fittings and that your water is conductive, none of which you've told us.

I struggled with worries over water leaks for many years... how to watch for them when away from home being the worry.

Then I woke up.

I'm on well water.

Now I watch for when the well pump is operating.