water speaker with ARDUINO UNO

I want to make a experiment with ARDUINO UNO, my idea is water speaker, this experiment is impossible for me, so i need a help please. :~ :( if you search this project you'll find nothing..so i don't know how to make it.. it's a series of little fountains that it follow the beat (high,mid,low level) of music. thanks for your support, horatio11.

what have you done so far? what are your ideas? What is your experience level? Are you familiar with pumps etc? do you have a youtube example?

my experience is small with arduino, i know the most important functions of arduino and my past experiment was very easy... my idea is a series of pumps that shot air in a box full of water. the air follow the beat of music but if i use relay i'll have too loonger delay...i don't know how to make it without them. if you search in youtube 'water speakers' you'll find what i want to do. horatio11