Waveform Generator Synth Help for Noob

I need to do a project for physics and i want to build a simple waveform generator. Ideally it could toggle using a pot between a sinewave, square, and triangle. Also it would be cool to have other pots to change pitch and frequency and stuff like the synth here

This would be ideal just with another pot for pitch instead of touch buttons

Id like to know if this is possible first of all. I have no programming experience either so i would need some help


You have a couple options. One is a resistor network, which should work pretty well at relatively high frequencies. The other is PWM waveform synthesis, which (after some configuration) will allow you to produce low-frequency waveforms with a constant 62500hz background frequency (this is not so good). PWM wave synthesis will also mess with your timers and stuff because you have to speed up the timer that millis() and delay() use (if you want 62500hz). Personally, I would recommend the resistor network. Resistor ladder - Wikipedia

If choice of waveform type isnt essential, you can do this very nicely with a simple 555 timer in astable mode: 555 and 556 Timer Circuits Use a .01 uf capacitor, make R2 a pot.

If you need waveform selection, take a look at the website for the link you posted, with schematics and code for inspiration: http://bleeplabs.com/nebulophone/

This is not the correct forum to ask this question. This forum is for what you actually made with Arduino.