Waveshare 2 inch lcd module [SOLVED]

I have purchased a 2 inch lcd module and I want to drive it from an esp8266. The information I get from the factory website are about the e-paper model and I got confused... Anyone have any information on connection diagram and library for this one?
2 inch lcd module

It should run just fine with TFT_eSPI library.
Select Setup1_ILI9341.h

//#define ILI9341_DRIVER
#define ST7789_DRIVER

Connect the pins to your ESP8266.
I strongly advise defining TFT_RST and connecting to a real GPIO pin

Run all the examples.

If you have a problem, post a link to the actual ESP8266 board that you bought.


Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the TFT_eSPI library. Went through the User_Setup.h file and connected the display according to the typical setup stated. Upload the free_font_demo but the screen is black. I see the backlight is on but nothing else. No errors during the upload, or on the serial... Any help on that?

This is the esp I am using...

If you have a problem, post a link to the actual ESP8266 board that you bought.

Post schematic of your wiring or a photo of your wiring.

Providing schematics or photo is really hard right now, since I am on board a vessel and using slow satellite internet... My connection is as follows
LCD / ESP8266

VCC -> 3.3V
(MOSI) DIN -> D7
(MISO) CLK -> D6
CS -> D8
DC -> D3
RST -> D4
The pins of the lcd can be seen on the waveshare wiki.

Your wiring "list" is fine. Please read my suggested wiring.

I presume you can read your own Emails. Hence you should see where you bought the ESP8266 board from. And post a link.

If you bought the ESP8266 from a man in the pub, compare your board with boards available on the Internet. Say that your ESP8266 board "looks like" the board on that link.

I suggest:

VCC 	3.3V
BL 	n.c.

Let us know how you get on.


The esp is exactly that on the link I sent, as seen on the first page, it was from an other store though that has all the info in Greek, so I sent the ebay link thinking it is more easier to understand than Google translate everything :slight_smile:
Your wiring suggestion fixed the issue and now works perfectly! Will never buy chinese knock outs again with their messy instructions and libraries... Waveshare has really difficult wiki to grasp for me and my little experience of everything...!
Thanks for your help and time man!

My apologies. I did not spot the clickable link in #2. For some reason it does not show in blue on my Browser (Firefox)

You have done everything that the Forum can ask i.e.
clickable link in #0 for the display
clickable link in #2 for the ESP8266 board

Anyway, I am pleased that you have it working now.

I suggest that you copy your working "User_Setup" to an accurate descriptive name.
And restore Bodmer's Setup1_ILI9341.h to its original state.

Bodmer's User_Setup strategy works very well. You just select the appropriate file to suit your hardware.

My library requires you edit several CPP or H files if you have SPECIAL hardware. It is complex to explain and follow.

All the same, for success you have to be very careful with spelling, wiring, and correct choice of breakfast.
What sort of ship are you on?
And in which ocean?


Will follow your advice man! In a bulk carrier just of the cost of northern China and got to get keep me occupied with learning projects during the off duty hours! Thanks again for the help!!!