Waveshare e-paper (white/red/black) and u8g2/u8x8 libraries

I'm going to be using the Waveshare 2.13 white/red/black display Hat with my ESP32. This requires 3.3v SPI, which I understand that the ESP32 has/does. If/when I use it with my Arduino UNO R3 I'll have to use level shifters, right? (It is made to be a Raspberry Pi hat so those GPIO pins are already 3.3v.)

I tried compiling the Demo Code, but there were various compilation problems.

I also looked at the example for Graphics Test that I compiled for the built-in display on the ESP32. For epaper it has U8G2_IL3820_296X128_F_4W_SW_SPI u8g2 for the "WaveShare 2.9 inch eInk/ePaper Display". This is apparently 296x128, but the one I have is 212x104. Does the u8g2 and u8x8 libraries have a display driver for this one I have?

u8g2 is for monochrome displays only, as far as I know.

You could try with GxEPD2, which is available with Library Manager.

I connected it up today, but it didn’t work. It didn’t even execute the code that I had loaded and tested before. When I disconnected the display then powered it again, it worked. I suspect that the 3.3v regulator on the ESP32 is under-powered to also run something external.

Is this the experience of anyone else who has run this?

Also, in the example for GxEPD2 (recommended above) I used the following line to define the display:

GxEPD2_BW<GxEPD2_213, GxEPD2_213::HEIGHT> display(GxEPD2_213(/CS=5/ SS, /DC=/ 17, /RST=/ 12, /BUSY=/ 13));

I changed the pins from default (RST = 16 & BUSY = 4) because those pins are used by the OLED.

I’ll try again once my 3.3v power supply board comes in.

Why do you use the constructor for the 2.31" b/w, when you posted in #1 you have the 3-color one?