Hello team,
I accidentally purchased a few WAVGAT UNO R3 boards not realizing that they are not a direct clone of the Arduino Uno.
I use these for a Atari 8bit project called SDRIVE Max using precompiled hex files. These have worked on hundreds of clone UNO's in the past.
I wrote the initial hex to the UNO and now I am stuck in a loop where I cannot write anything back to the UNO.
I have tried just uploading a blink project but says the programmer is not responding now.
So a few things. Can I recover this device? Second thing. Are they pin compatible with the Atmega 328P chips if I remove the WAVGAT chip and replace it? I have a stack if Atmega328p chips which I can use if it means I can get some use out of these 10 boards I purchased.
Anyway any help would be appreciated.

Strange. Here say that is Atmega328p mcu but... at 3.3V instead 5V like standard arduino Uno.
But you use the Arduino Uno board when do upload or you use the correct WavGat board ?

It also states Operating Voltage: 5V :slight_smile:

Two times strange :laughing:

Here are some pictures if it. The chip is branded WAVGAT. Is this just rebadged or are they making these themselves?

OK. I removed the clone 328P chip and soldered on a Atmega328P and burnt a bootloader onto it. All working fine. Moral of the story. Stay away from WAVGAT garbage

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The WAVGAT AVGA328P aka Logic Green LGT8F328P controller is not a exact copy of the ATmega328 but a copy with more feature.

You can use the WAVGAT AVGA328P with the Arduino IDE.

and [WAVGAT pseudo-clone] Issues and Troubleshouting

Bye Uwe

Well, you now appear to have something better than a standard Uno even after downgrading to an ATmega328p chip. At least it has a crystal oscillator instead of a mere resonator. :smile:

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