Weather Station with hc-05

Hi , i want to make a weather station with 2 hc-05. I have pair the 2 modules , but now i don’t know how i can send the value (temperature from the dht11 ) from slave , to master . Someone can help me? Thanks

Google "arduino hc-05 tutorial" for many examples.

jremington: Google "arduino hc-05 tutorial" for many examples.

i know...i've already do that...but the problem is : on google i have found only people who explain how to send a data from a smartphone ----> hc-05 , or pc----> but no one who explain how send a data arduino ------> arduino . If you can help me , please.

Google "arduino-to-arduino bluetooth" for relevant examples.


>Falco21: You are cross-posting with threads that you have already opened, in the last days, in the Italian forum with the same problem and where you have already received some answer !