Weather Station

A colleague of mine has a weather station that sends out serial data in the form of a string such that it is of the following format:

Node, Relative Wind Direction, Relative Wind Speed, Corrected Wind Direction, Corrected Speed,
Pressure, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dewpoint, GPS Location, Date and Time, Supply Voltage, Status, Checksum.

I have attached the data sheet that details the output.

My colleague wants to send this data over a network via udp and has asked me to try and do this via a Leonardo ETH.

When the weather station is connected to putty the output is as detailed in the data sheet. however when I try to read the serial data using an arduino and the serial monitor (I’m using a MEGA ADK at the moment to check the serial data), I get data that is in int format (I assume) however I’m trying to see how this data relates to that in the data sheet.

I have attached the sketch (very basic) and a copy of the data I obtain.

Manual-ingles-Maximet.pdf (195 KB)

basic_sketch.ino (242 Bytes)



Judging from the values seen on the serial monitor, you may not have the baud rate correct or you might have to remove the top bit as follows:

   Serial.print((char) ( & 0x7F));

Also, if this is genuine RS232 (with positive and negative voltage levels), you must use an RS232 to TTL serial adapter to connect to the Arduino, or you will damage the Arduino.

Sorry for late reply

The RS232 to TTL converted did the trick......many thanks.