Web controlling arduino

After several days of using google and searching the arduino site i must ask more competent peoples. :o

first the thing i want: i want to remotely control the input/output pins over the web. i have an arduino duemilinove and an orginal ethernet shield (WizNet)

then to the question. i struggle to find any code to get my arduino to turn on / off outputs via the ethernet shield.

i hoped that i could use the webserver example so i not have to have an external server.

i have seen a couple of examples with using php and sql db's.. but since i only can (very) simple html would it be nice if i didn't have to use databases.

is it anyone that can help me? ;)

At the below link I've got some arduino ethernet shield code and a simple web interface for controlling servos. You should be able to modify it to control the desired output pins.


thanks for the links. and the code, but i still struggle to understand how i can get the arduino to turn on/off outputs. (yes, i'm a total noob on arduino)

the next thing i want to do is to show the status of some sensors i have. what to do then?

it appears that you use requests from the computer to adjust the sensors, but i rather want to use the webserver on the arduino, so i don't have to have the html code on the computer. i want to do that so i can control it from different computers and my phone. (an SE without android)

The below might be similar to what you want to do:


ahh... that seem to be better, and easyer to understand. ;)

Thanks :D