Webcam motion tracking

Hello all!

I'm thinking about doing a project with motion tracking. I'd like to hook my webcam up to some servos and have it follow moving objects, or perhaps aim a paintball gun and unload it at moving things (I'm thinking my roommate). I have absolutely no experience w/ this however, and it seems like it will be a pretty big feat.

Does anyone have any experience w/ this and can point me in a good direction to start reading and learning?

Aneal K.

Roborealm is a good start.
Beware, it isn't as easy as you might think.

I doubt the arduino is up to it alone, you're going to need a cam hooked up to a laptop and transfer commands to the arduino etc. Motion tracking isn't so hard to code if you know the rest like getting an image into your app for processing. Easy motion can be done by measuring each pixel for a few frames and calculating the current difference. Over a threshold and it's movement.

Oh yeah, don't try it with the Arduino alone (well, not as a noob), but the Arduino is great for controlling the motion part of the project.

Yea, I fully planned on using some external software packages to achieve this. I'll do some research and keep you all posted as to my experiences!

Aneal K.

Yay, I get to give out information that took me days to discover: behold, OpenCV

Open source computer vision library. Requires a TON of processing so microcontrollers aren't going to be fast enough unless you have a whole bunch (probably hundreds). Even my Eee PC was really choppy, though a good portion of that was probably the overhead of the operating system and window manager.

If you want to play around with it and you have a linux machine you can check out harpia. It uses block objects to visually program what you want it to do. Not really that intuitive but much easier than starting with the library from scratch. I don't know what the website for it is, but under Ubuntu:

I easily was able to make a processing sketch once that used some face tracking library, and sent serial commands to the arduino. Right above my computer I had a little paper face on two servos, and it followed a face.
Processing is an easy way to do it, with most of the work done for you with the library.


With the help of arduino, 2 servos, 1 webcam, openCv and a C# library I made a head tracker. It can be seen in my blog.

The source code for the sketch, library and sketch will be open sourced as soon as I comment it properly. I have new videos of the system enhanced (less bumpy and faster).

ups… the link escaped is here.

Try looking into Open Augmented Reality.

Hi, I am engaged with an arduino study project. Would you please provide some source of reference or the codes of motion track?

I am engaged with an arduino study project

You can't do it on an arduino you need a PC and processing.