Weird New(x) contribution count

The "New" Button in the page header shows somewhat random numbers, depending on the forum section. In "Project Guidance" the count is typically too high, never reset to zero after "Dismiss". In "Deutsch" the count looks always correct to me.

That's the German precision :slight_smile:

I think it relates to the whole thing (all categories)

may be you have muted some?

for me the count is correct

New threads are new, how can they be muted already?

I get constantly 3 excess New threads. What can I do to fix this wrong value?

Okay, fixed it by using the "all categories" selection. This item is listed in bold, I thought it only were some caption.

Same mess as before, cannot locate the New threads :frowning:

Fortunately now a general "New" tab occured in the page top area. When clicked a "Dismiss" button occurs on top of the list that allows to reset the count. Perhaps this button only occurs when/after all new topics have been listed in the page? Or is it a new incarnation of the previous "Dismiss" button at the end of the list?

I meant muted some channels / categories

If so then it were a serious bug if new topics in muted forum parts are counted.

Fair point

I’m not seeing it so hard to say

Is this what you mean?

That discrepancy is because the top bar is all forums and the one at the bottom is only the French / none category

Yes and no. I know that the top bar includes all forum sections. What's wrong is the specific section count in the bar below.

Ok… I’ve not seen that yet. I’ll keep an eye open

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