welding my project . important question

hi I'm doing my final project and I was wondering if I can just weld my IR_LED with the 220 ohm resistor and the photodiode with the 10k ohm resistor + another cable between for connecting to the analog pins in the Arduino.

Please make sure you understand "WELD" compared to "SOLDER" .. Translations sometimes not accurate.

If you mean "solder" then yes you can make connections that way.

in dictionary it says both but you understood what I ment.
btw if I didn't solder right can I just cut it?

If you make a mistake soldering then re-melt the solder with the iron. Pull the parts apart and clean off as much solder as possible. Wipe the tip of the iron regularly. "Solder braid" can also be used to soak up unwanted solder.

in dictionary it says both

Then the dictionary is wrong, or you are using it incorrectly.

Please use the correct word.

Weld involves the melting of the two materials you are trying to join. Solder is using in intermediate molten material to connect two metals that are not themselves ever molten.

but you understood what I ment.

Only because what you said was utterly stupid.

Pot, meet Kettle. There’s a lot of things that use the same word in English that are separate definable concepts in other languages. Not to mention the whole their/they’re/there problem.

I think the OP now understands that “solder” is the correct word and won’t be using the other word to describe the process in the future.

I lived in Shenzhen for 2 years and now do a lot of searching for products on TaoBao. (https://world.taobao.com) It's interesting at the junction of English-Chinglesh-Chinese.

焊接 is what Google Translate shows for "Solder" . But translating 焊接 back gets "welding".. In my experience it's very common for Chinese translations to say "welding" when they mean "soldering".

Like "soldering Iron" is 烙铁 but 烙铁 is just "iron' . My favorite is
烙铁 translated as "solder iron resurrection cream"..

Fortunately for me my good friend and partner Jun Peng has excellent English and in 5 minutes on Skype we can figure out anything.

Not to mention the whole their/they’re/there problem.

What problem is that then?
Are you disputing my attempt at distinguishing between a weld and a solder? The sort of soldering we do in electronics is more correctly known as soft soldering. There is also hard soldering, silver soldering ( that has nothing to do with the metal silver ) and brazing, all a part of soldering.

@terry - I got this last week, it is my book translated into Chinese I think. Is one of those things the Author’s names?

Hi Mike,
Sent the link to Peng and asked him to translate the authors etc... I'll let you know..
Do you have a copy of the actual book??

Yes I got two in the post last week.