Whack a mole with solenoids

Hello, So i'm thinking of building a wack a mole. Most of the diy project i find are made with pushbutton and light, however i'd like to build a more traditional one.

I think the original one is made with pneumatic. I belive there is no easy and cheap way to build a pneumatic wack a mole if you know some good pneumatic system that might suit my needs, feel free to share :p

So i was thinking of using solenoids. I was wondering how to compute the solenoids (and magnet) i need regarding the fact that I want to push a 100g cylinder over 10 cm ?

Here is a little drawing that might help understanding |500x417

why not servos?

I reckon a solenoid action is too fast for this… the pneumatics give an ‘organic’ feel to the motion.
+1 for servos if you can’t go to pneumatics.
Remember to provide some slip cluthch whatever you do!

Well when the player hit with the little hammer wouldn't that harm the servo ? This is even worse if he hits when the servo is powered ...

I'm not 100% sure what "slip cluthch" is, do you mean some linear guide?

That's exactly what the slip-clutch is for... (sorry my earlier typo) A rubber isolated clutch that -slips- when the mole is hit - so the torque isn't passed back to the servo shaft mechanism.


There are long stroke solenoids (had to Google it).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKgRCIarczo Leo..


That's pretty cool. I'll have to read up on how they develop traction and hold their position...

If you can control them at the right speed - they could well do the job. You want to move the mole about 80-100mm in 100-200mS, on a single-ended shaft.

That works for me! Keep us informed - interesting. Thanks