What are best Microcontrollers or Chips for shrink Arduino Projects?

Hi guys,

I want to shrink my Arduino Project in a Chip, and what things need to remind while shrink arduino project in a chip?

and please guide How to Shrink Arduino Project in a chip? and and What is the process name of Shrinking Arduino project in a chip? Is it Burn Loader or Something Else????

Please provide a detailed explanation of what you mean by "shrink my Arduino Project in a Chip".

it means I want to burn my code in a small chips instead of using Arduino Uno Board

And describe the projects.

OK, then just use a Pro Mini:

I want to burn my Arduino code into a chip

Anyone have idea, How big companies make embeds electronics Computers example:- calculators, Metal detector, etc

I have done a project which basically measures distance with Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) and display on TFT LCD
there are only Three components 1. Sensor 2. TFT LCD and 3. Arduino UNo

And Now here I want to burn the code of my project in a chip to remove or replace Arduino UNO.

Hope You all got me.

You will need more than just the chip. See reply #5 for a suggestion.

Do a Google search on;

bare bones Arduino

We would need to know what I/O you must have before we attempt to answer this question.

Maybe look at an Arduino Pro Mini or an ATtiny.

17 I/O pins, 3.3V pin, 5.0Vpin and GND pin

So Total Pins are 20 pins

Start with reading this discussion:

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  1. Design and build the board with all needed connections and components.
  2. Connect via a programmer to PC to the SPI bus.
  3. Use Sketch / Upload using programmer in the IDE.

Nice Article in depth, Thanks to you all.

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